10 St Andrews Dr
Hamilton, ON L8K 5J6

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These townhouses are infested beyond belief
Rats, yes actual rats!!!
And bedbugs everywhere total infestation.
And cock roaches everywhere.
Its unbelievable that the city is even allowed to rent these unit out!!

Appalling doesn't even begin to describe the state of these units, its not a safe lodging for anyone, and the fact that the city is on a tight budget means...you guessed it!! cut backs, and that effects the termination of these critters, simply put these slumlords don't have th

e money to even treat these units properly to get rid of the infestations, so the bugs just jump over to the next unit, and never ever, ever... go away always a band aid solution...

I wonder if any of these so called property managers, would live in one of there own units that they over see!!!! Disgusting that this is expectable in the eyes of so many, people should not have to live like this...
Personally you'd be better off living homeless than in one of these units.

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