508 Dawes Rd
Toronto, ON M4B

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8 month after we moved to new renovated apartment we found bedbugs . we never realize earlier we used to think it mosquito bite but the supers were very helpful and after treatment its 2020 worst year everything is biting you which you can not see.

January 2 2016
Everything was fine when we moved in but we quickly began to see roches and other pest such as earwigs bed bugs spiders. This building is not clean and their is a foul and strangling odour of animal urine on the first floor right outside of the suppers apartment. When the suppers are notified about a problem in our unit they DONT CARE nothing gets done and we are the ones who are stuck with the issues but stilling paying rent. We have had treatments for roches but they always se

em to come back...making me think it's not just one unit it's the whole building or multiple units. I don't recommend moving into this apartment it seems great but all you will paying for in the end is rude supper intendants and some extra unwanted house guests and smells

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Have had bedbugs 4 times in this bldg and the supers are abt as helpful as they are with maintainance and repairs..they don't care!!! They have some random guy that sprays, not a professional company...nope' just some random guy.

Whoever is considering moving into 508 Dawes Rd. should seriously reconsider. The bldg is filthy not only bedbugs but cockroaches, the smell of human urine in stairwells, the smell of animal urine envelopes the bldgs hallways..especially on the main floor where the s

upers live with abt 20 cats that never see a vet and just keep reproducing..and of course their neighbor with another 30 cats and kittens.

508 Dawes road is the WORST building on Dawes..save ur money as well as or sanity and keep apt hunting..

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had them when we moved in but the supers were very helpful and after treatment never seen one again..touch wood!

the supers have been very helpful at 508 dawes road in regards to treatment. i have heard horror stories from some other buildings and our supers are very professional and responded immediately!!! and once this had been fixed this will be removed. very quiet bldg. nice...

we moved in and bam! we had them. apt has been sprayed and will be sprayed again next week. there are many things still to be done.' nov 2012.

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