83 Isabella St
Toronto, ON M4Y

Found 6 reports:

2015: Bugs of every kind. Mice. NO SUPERINTENDENT. CONSTANT CONSTRUCTION NOISE (for years!) Nothing but rudeness, from call centre PIGS. Harassment by Israeli court agents (yes!). Renovations are cheap and badly done by very rude Turks.

AKELIUS, a large European landlord, took over this building (81-83 Isabella St. -- same building, two front doors), Nov. 15, 2013.

They immediately fired the superintendent, and will not replace him. They rented out his apartment. Instead, they use a RUDE, INEPT central call centre for all requests.

Please Google, "Akelius", and see posts about them from Toronto, Germany, Sweden, etc.

Google, particularly, "New Rental Monster, NOW Magazine; "Akelius, Toronto Star", "Akelius, CBC A

s It Happens"; Akelius, Hansa-Ufer-5"; Akelius Tenants March on Landlord (Youtube), ETCETERA.

THEY ARE BEHAVING THE SAME WAY AT 81-83 ISABELLA ST., TORONTO. The building is a noisy, filthy HELL.

They have made the place a NOISY, FILTHY HELL!!!

see full report...

COCKROACHES: An Order to Comply was issued by the City of Toronto in EARLY MAY, re a cockroach infestation.

The superintendent only acted to treat the #83 of the building, only, in JULY!


Why don't you ask someone at No. 88, Dingbat?

I am thinking of moving into 88 isabella. I saw a report for the building listed under 100 wellesley st. from 2009. Does anyone know if 88 isabella still has bed bugs?

There IS, indeed, a bedbug report for this building: see 81 Isabella St.

83 and 81 are the same building, with two fronts on Isabella St.

The building is The Merlan, 81-83 Isabella St., Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1N7.

No nearby bug reports