2155 Rue St-marc
Montréal, QC H3H

Found 3 reports:

The building is infested with bed bugs. And the catch? The lease contract says that if bugs are found in the apartment then you have to pay for it. So the janitor is a special lady, as soon as you move, she will start asserting that this building is bug free and if she finds bugs in here, the tenant pays. It hasn’t even been 6 days since I moved in, and I have found 5 bed bugs since then.

The landlord is a nice man, but the janitor. God awful.

The building is really old, no elevator. Pl

us, another downside. The building has cracks on walls. More places for bugs to hide. The wooden floors creak like hell. Want to get a glass of water at night? I am sure your flatmates will enjoy the music of creaking floors. Oh and that is not all, the floors have big marks all over. Still the lady says that the place had no bedbugs. Nice!

Please, for the sake of your sanity, avoid this place.

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No bedbugs, but I've been attacked and harassed by the lady representing the manager in the building for opposing a serious violation of my rights as a signed tenant in the 1-year lease contract. She wanted to impose, and still wants to impose, the entry of a new tenant without the consent of the other tenants with whom I co-signed. I have already notified the company and I will be sending a letter of demand to the landlord on Monday, December 13, 2015. This is unfortunate as I really like the a

partment, although the building is really old. I will keep you notified to present how the situation was handled by the administration.

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The whole building is infested. Do not move in! Supposedly it was infested in the past so it was not properly fumigated or else they were reintroduced.

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