Recent Bed Bug Reports for New York City

April 16

227 Berry St No bed bugs in My house .new furniture and new tenants.

April 08

321 44th St It was a matter of weeks after moving in that I started fin

April 06

362 Stockton St Bed bugs in the building

April 05

772 Saint Nicholas Ave I lived on the second floor in this building fro

April 03

120 W 116th St Bedbugs throughout my whole rental from 4/1/2015 until a

559 W 156th St Since 2015 there were FOUR bed bug infestations in my mo

936 W End Ave I have had bedbugs three times at this address: in summer

March 31

301 E 49th St

March 29

35 E 35th St Apt. 10-E - Bed bugs, had to get exterminator 3X

March 28

48 W 138th St Bedbugs discovered on 6th floor of the building during Ma

433 Lafayette Ave For 3 years I been getting bite in this building

March 20

The Westin New York Grand Central Stayed Dec 5 2019 for a work trip. Ro

251 Melrose St Garbage and filth throughout building on stairs and hall

231 Suydam St landlord has a "super" hoarder living in basement consta

March 17

2194 3rd Ave 2017 and 2018 . This studio apartment has found many bed

March 16

106 Pinehurst Ave The infestation at 106 Pinehurst Avenue continues to

10 W 15th St Reported on NY POST

March 15

485 Saint Johns Pl HUGE infestation that the landlord was aware of in

March 14

188 Suydam St I am the tenant who previously posted on 1/22/20. I woke

85 E 10th St Bed bug infested on 5th floor. Terrible.

March 12

9747 Shore Rd Multiple units infested.

March 05

110 New York Ave Building wide bedbug infestation - at least 6-7 units

March 04

417 E 70th St We had bedbugs and roaches and mice were forces to move o

March 01

373 S 4th St I was living in this building from August 2019-September 2

February 28

715 St Marks Ave We had to get our apartment treated for bed bugs three

842 Classon Ave Lived in this building 2019-2020. Had to deal with bed

842 Classon Ave Lived in this building 2019-2020. Had to deal with bed