Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

September 15

100 Raglan Ave Have not encountered bedbugs, but I've seen cockroaches

September 13

45 Balliol St This apartment has a serious cockroach problem. The issue

September 11

869 Bathurst St Main floor, we tried to exterminate 4 times with no suc

September 08

34 Brownville Ave Bedbugs found in basement apartment in seams of mattr

104 Bedford Rd Been living there for 2 years and suddenly bed bugs appe

September 06

1181 Ellesmere Rd Went to see an apartment here. Disgusting. The place

September 05

70 Temperance St Within 6 months of moving in we got bed bugs. Not a cr

197 Wellesley St E This co-op apartment building has been battling a be

September 04

30 Denton Ave Have been facing the problem of excessive bedbugs and coc

September 01

1964 Gerrard St E Don't judge a book by its cover! I moved in July 2019

56 Ranleigh Ave 2 dead bedbugs found in my unit August 31 2019

August 31

453 Leslie St Building had bedbugs in 2018. Also cockroaches.

August 30

200 Elm St Beware bed bugs and cockroach fiesta!!! On average you’ll

30 Falstaff Ave I just killed a bedbug that was on my couch. I have pic

August 28

30 Blake St July 2019 until present, spotted bed bugs in this location.

August 27

14 York St I previously reported an incident at a unit on the 10th floo

10 Grenoble Dr Once you see a report on pest no matter how old it is, l

66 Isabella St August 24 2019, report of bed bugs in the West tower on

August 26

38 Joe Shuster Way Bed bugs are rampant in this place!!!

135 Tyndall Ave On August 23/2019 I saw bedbugs on the drop down in the

91 Cosburn Ave We move here a year ago, and since then it has been a di

August 23

Haynes Ave

5 Grange Ave Seen bed bugs in this house on 2 occasions: March 2019 and

August 20

141 Erskine Ave We have had bed bugs twice now this year as the buildin

320 Niska Rd Ive resided in 320 Niska Rd for 6 years now and until now