Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

May 06

167 Church St Had beg bugs in our unit, no idea where they would have c

May 05

350 Queens Quay W Nov 2020 - Jan 2021 there were bedbugs in 350 Queens

99 Dowling Ave Mice and roaches. I lived in the building for a few ye

6 Cawthra Sq Re landlord's posting on this site, keep in mind he is the

May 03

181 Gerrard St E Units are ok, but property Managment is a nightmare an

545 The West Mall Over the past year we have been asking the landlord t

April 30

111 Raglan Ave Last 6 years we have had them 3 x and it seems now out o

535 Lansdowne Ave Warning dont rent here!!!!!! It has tons of bugs and

25 St Dennis Dr apartment building. I no live at 25 st Denis dr for abo