Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

November 26

105 Kenwood Ave There is an active cockroach infestation.

November 25

55 Triller Ave Disgusting!! Do not move in. Trust me. It looks beauti

5 Massey Sq At the beginning of October 2020, the 8th floor of 5 Massey

November 24

33 Shore Breeze Dr Bed bugs in a condo unit for 2 months.

45 Parkcrest Dr Coach roaches. Management is trying to get it under con

November 21

368 Eglinton Ave E There are two species of cockroaches that dominate t

November 18

5 Glenavon Rd I wish I had checked this registry before moving in. My

323 Rusholme Rd Bedbug outbreak in 323 Rusholme Road! It is not bein

2 Triller Ave Bed bugs at least two times. Moved into a room where the

November 14

1001 Bay St Found a single bed bug in my unit yesterday. Immediately ca

707 Dovercourt Rd Performance Property management told us 15 units had

5 Donlands Ave no bedbugs, but roaches.

November 13

150 Fermanagh Ave This building has had ongoing bed bug issues from 201

November 10

250 Jarvis St Lived here for 4 years, and the last 3 months the buildin

November 06

80 Blake St I've lived in 80 Blake most of my life. The bed bugs and mi

October 31

65 Forest Manor Rd The apartment got newly renovated and pest controlle

October 30

150 Elizabeth St Bed bugs and roaches are an ongoing problem in this bu

October 28

433 Sherbourne St Major cockroach infestation. They treat for them, but

155 Wellesley St E Please avoid renting there by any cost, I am my fami

October 27

30 Springhurst Ave Multiple apartments with bedbugs. I moved into the a

276 St George St Bed Bugs in the building and the cause is on the 8th f

October 26

45 Spadina Rd Bedbugs and mice in both 45 and 41 spadina and have been

October 24

256 Gerrard St E The house has bed bugs in 3 of its 4 units. Landlord i

October 23

24 Mabelle Ave Hi, I want to bring into your notice that there is a

October 21

165 Bathurst St Bed bugs identified in the unit and management company

October 20

146 Sumach St For almost a year the building management has had Abell P

October 17

150 Dowling Ave Found bedbugs, cockroaches, mice in the apartment.