Recent Bed Bug Reports for Toronto

September 27

484 Church St I've been living at this address for 1 year. I recently

90 Tyndall Ave This building is getting worse and worse every year. I'v

September 26

30 Hillsboro Ave Huge problem of coackraches. 50 Hillsboro 15th floor.

400 Walmer Rd Tenant that lives on the 19th floor. This information of

September 25

63 Roehampton Ave Lived in the building since December 2019. There have

September 23

751 Marlee Ave From September 1st I have been living here and have neve

September 22

1202 Jane St No bed bugs, or cockroaches. But lots of mice. I moved in

3434 Eglinton Ave E I've had bedbugs for 4 years living at 3434 eglinto

September 19

117 Gerrard St E Visited coworker at unit 1012 of this unit at around m

September 16

2 Forest Laneway We had bedbugs at the end of August. This building is

230 Oak St Bed bugs in my apartment, building infested

15 Langside Ave No bed bugs, but many centipedes, spiders, wasps, carpe

10 Grenoble Dr The management is the worst, they are never in the offi

235 Grandravine Dr This building is old and infested with cockroaches a

September 14

31 Clearview Heights When bedbugs are reported the management try to wi

1004 O'Connor Dr Just found some bugs a few days ago but the landlord c

September 13

236 Sterling Rd 9/13/2020 WARNING! The landlord/property manager