Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

May 24

2121 Dundas St Awful building Awful Landlord They broke into our ap

May 19

2155 W 5th Ave This place has bedbugs. Notified landlord. Landlord did

May 11

845 Burrard St Numerous bites after spending 3 nights at Sutton Place h

May 08

1106 Pendrell St The entire 5th floor was found to have bed bugs severa

May 07

2035 Barclay St I don’t live there but I spent the night there a few

April 24

610 Alexander St I live in this SRO and myself as well as some other te

April 08

910 Beach Ave Rented out a furnished unit on the 3rd floor and it is in

March 30

1516 Davie St A licenced pest control company is contracted here and th

March 25

41 E Hastings St I lived in an apartment on 3rd floor and I saw a mouse

March 23

688 Alexander St Feb 1 2019 The building has ants, bedbugs and an inf

March 22

737 E 15th Ave My old roomate here got a large amount stolen from him i

March 19

1615 Frances St Unit 105 was tested positive for bed bugs in August 201

March 15

259 E 11th Ave Bed bugs found in 3rd-floor suite along with several sui

March 09

786 E Hastings St I have been telling the landlord about the bed bug pr

March 02

1555 W 14th Ave One bedbug found in May 2019. Luckily there was no infe

February 25

1915 Haro St There have in fact been bedbugs well known by most if not

February 12

3055 E 14th Ave I am the landlord, you made multiple reports on Dec 16

February 11

201 Alvin Narod Mews Apartment has silver fish, and it’s been going o

February 10

1629 Haro St Scammer is here: 302-1629 Haro Street, Vancouver, BC, V6G

February 05


January 29

1050 Harwood St The landlord is a skum bag who tries to extort money ou

725 W 70th Ave Bed bug issues still ongoing into 2020. Smh.