Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

November 26

1744 Barclay St There is a tenant on the second floor who is keeps his

November 23

1298 W 10th Ave I could never recommend to a friend or family member to

November 19

621 E 7th Ave For some reason there are two listings for this address.

611 E 7th Ave You may want to also see 621 E 7th Ave, which has a few r

November 15

4859 Slocan St Do not take rent from this house because this house has

November 02

1298 W 10th Ave No bedbugs but a mouse issue. Gets worse in the winter

September 30

1350 Haro St Within 1.5 months of having moved into this apartment I st

September 15

2199 Wall St moved in ion 2019, have had bedbugs since, exterminator ha

September 14

2326 Eton St Moved in in the last few months and on the day of our move

September 12

1263 Nicola St Bed bugs are in multiple units in the building on all th

September 07

1876 W Broadway All apartments have bed bugs. I just threw my mattress

August 30

1035 W 12th Ave False statements have been made by the previous anonymo

August 23

1275 Haro St There are no bed bugs here. These reports must be for a di

June 23

2184 Wall St In May 2019, bedbugs were found in unit 206 in seems of ma

June 21

1250 Bute St Bed bugs in my room on the 10th floor. Fairly certain it w

June 19

1450 W Georgia St Found one crawling on floor on friday, June 12th. Kil

June 03

239 E Georgia St I've lived in this bldg 10+ yrs and I probably had bed

May 24

2121 Dundas St Awful building Awful Landlord They broke into our ap

May 19

2155 W 5th Ave This place has bedbugs. Notified landlord. Landlord did

May 11

845 Burrard St Numerous bites after spending 3 nights at Sutton Place h