Recent Bed Bug Reports Nationwide

July 28

Best Western Escondido Hotel I found two of them on my person and my gi

Hampton Inn Daytn Fairbrn Found bedbugs in my room, moved to a differen

1805 Kilbourn Ave this house has had bedbugs for many months and the la

29230 Lake Logan Rd 7/27/2021 We found a bed bug crawling on the curtai

Royal Atlantic Beach Resort Stayed here for 2 days on June 2021. I donâ

8489 Rue Saint-Hubert There is bed bugs

July 27

195 Young St Got bedbugs in April 2021 then got a treatment and bedbug

295 Main Ave Few units have reported bed bugs, landlords failed to ment

89 Pinecrest Dr The people at 89 pinecrest apt 7 wont fumagate at all t

344 Dundas St I lived at 344 Dundas St in Ottawa for 3 years. I asked,