Recent Bed Bug Reports Nationwide

March 05

110 New York Ave Building wide bedbug infestation - at least 6-7 units

370 Ridelle Ave We have been here for six months. We started living her

682 Warden Ave I’ve had bed bugs because of this nasty building for t

100 Rowena Dr Lived here for 7 years. Building has bedbugs. They keep

1625 Boulevard De Maisonneuve O Today we found bed bugs in our apartmen

March 04

1001 E Playa Del Norte Dr Moved into the the unit and it was already in

503 Agnes St My name is David sarraf We purchased this building in 20

Best Western Royal Inn Can't give an exact date, it was around the midd

Motel 6 I stayed in room 115 on 2/27/21 and the next day had inflamed,

417 E 70th St We had bedbugs and roaches and mice were forces to move o

100 Ferguson Ave S In apartment 1710 the man by the name of Pradeep Ram

34 Walmer Rd I lived here a while back and I submitted a report about t

March 03

467 Pedretti Ave This apartment complex has been infested with bed bugs

140 Robinson St Bed bugs.

Rosslyn Ave N Tenant at this block. Have bedbugs in the house since Sep

Hampton Inn Dayton/Huber Heights room had a bedbug in it

March 02

85 Canora St Bed Bug infestation in the upper suite in early December 2