Recent Bed Bug Reports Nationwide

May 28

2155 Monastery Ln I have lived in 2155 monastery lane, halifax for 4yea

May 26

2134 N Bissell St Bed bugs were reported to management on 1/29/2020 for

650 Parliament St Lots of Bedbugs and cockraches. The Property Manager

188 Suydam St Found 2 live bedbugs crawling across my desk at night and

914 S Miller St Still have bed bug. Just check it before you move in it

5145 Windermere Blvd NW

77 Howard St I have lived here for 2 years on the 16th floor. They have

May 25

20 Bogardus Pl I have lived in this address for 10 years. Currently 12

2451 Queen St E May 22 Bed bugs travelled throughout the top floor. One

May 24

2121 Dundas St Awful building Awful Landlord They broke into our ap

3575 Kaneff Crescent This place is infested with coachroaches. We kill

May 23

44 Queen St N Bedbugs in many units.

7 Marriott St On May 1st 2020 my partner and I rented an air bnb at 7 M

Holiday Inn Express London Multiple bed bugs in room, moved to a second

10 S Mason Ave Began last sumner 2019 with 2 sightings near my door way

May 22

15 Cougar Ct The Staff is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Everything is always c

May 21

2335 Lake Shore Blvd W I am new here and found bed bugs crawling. I fou

1901 Lincoln Rd NE I had bed bugs in my apartment here in 2014

1421 W Farwell Ave There is an ongoing bedbug problem in this building.

138 Prince St really bad infestation of bed bugs discovered Sept 2013 L

May 20

Raintree At Worldmark Phoenix South Mountain Preserve In Novemeber 25-D

3000 Dufferin St Every night we wake up with bites and they came and sp

424 West End Ave Bed Bugs